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New Construction Products Regulation effective from 1 July 2013

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New Construction Products Regulation (CPR) effective from 1 July 2013

TROX fire dampers have carried the CE marking since 1 September 2012 in compliance with EN 15650. The CE marking ensures that TROX fire dampers can be used for all approved applications across the EU.

On 1 July 2013, the European Construction Products Regulation (305/2011) will replace the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC). The Construction Products Regulation, or CPR, will become immediately effective in all member states of the European Union.

From 1 July 2013, manufacturers of construction products which are covered by harmonised European product standards will be required, when placing a product on the market, to provide a declaration of performance for this product. In addition to the declaration of performance an operating and installation manual is required. By providing the required documents, TROX takes responsibility for the data given in these documents. The declarations of performance replace the previously used EC declarations of conformity.

The legally required declarations of performance will be available for download from the TROX website as of 1 July 2013; the declarations will be available in English and German. The number of the declaration of performance (DoP / FK…) for a product will replace the number of the declaration of conformity on the rating plate.

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